Author's note

Dear Reader,

Memoirs are written for a lot of different reasons.  Simply put, I wrote Schuyler’s Monster for the same reason that I have done just about anything of worth over the past seven years.

Schuyler deserves a voice.  She deserves to be heard, and the story of her fight against her invisible monster is the most inspiring one that I have known.  That it has fallen to me to be the one to share it with you is the happiest accident of my life.  

This memoir exists in part so that you can know that such a little girl ever existed.  When you read this book, it is my hope that perhaps, against all logic and in defiance of most parents’ secret desire for the “perfect” child, you might just envy my place in her world a little.  

Most of all, Schuyler’s Monster is nothing less than the best love letter to my daughter that I knew how to write.  Thank you for joining me in her inarticulate but exceptional world.

Robert Rummel-Hudson
Plano, Texas
December 2007

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