MyFox Houston, “Schuyler’s Monster: Texas Dad Writes Book About Daughter’s Disease ”
Reported by Greg Groogan
KRIV Fox 26 - Houston TX
(May 15, 2008)

Good Morning Texas, “The Not So Perfect Parent”
Hosted by Paige McCoy Smith
WFAA Channel 8 - Dallas/Fort Worth TX
(April 23, 2008)

Positively TEXAS!
Hosted by Iola Johnson
CBS 11, Dallas/Fort Worth TX
(March 1, 2008)

Think, “A Father’s Journey with His Wordless Daughter”
Hosted Krys Boyd
KERA Channel 13, Dallas/Fort Worth TX
(February 22, 2008)


The North Texas Kids Radio Show, hosted by Dr. Minette Riordan
KWRD 100.7FM  |  Dallas/Fort Worth TX
(June 24, 2009)

KUT 90.5, “Texas Speech Language Hearing Association”
NPR, Austin
Julie Moody reporting
(April 2, 2009)

The John McMullen Show, “Interview with Robert Rummel-Hudson”
K-News Radio 970 - Palm Springs CA
(April 4, 2008)

KUT 90.5, “Taming a Hidden Monster”
NPR, Austin
Jennifer Stayton reporting
(March 7, 2008)

Weekend America, “Schuyler’s Monster” (American Public Media)
Michael May reporting
(February 23, 2008)


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By Kathryn E. Livingston
(June 1, 2009)

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By Beth Hawkins
(February 2009)

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By Mary Lou Aguirre
(February 2, 2009)

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Neurology Today: December 18, 2008; Volume 8(24); p. 18-19
By Mary Jo Harbert, MD; Doris Trauner, MD
(December 2008)

Plano Profile: Author Author, “Author Robert Rummel-Hudson moves his family to Plano for his special-needs daughter”
By Britney Porter
(November 2008)

Family Matters, “Schuyler’s Monster”
Vision Magazine
By Gina Stepp
(September 22, 2008)

The Shorthorn (University of Texas at Arlington), “Robert Rummel-Hudson to speak at library”
By Alanna Quillen
(September 9, 2008)

The Citizen (Auburn, NY), “Review: ‘Schuyler’s Monster’”
Review, 4.5 out of 5 stars
By Diane LaRue
(July 6, 2008)

Texas Family Magazine, “No child is perfect.  Every child is perfect.”
By Robert Rummel-Hudson
(June/July 2008)

St. Paul Pioneer Press, “Dads join the parenting blog ranks”
By Molly Millett
(June 13, 2008)

Brain, Child, “The Reading Chair: Review, Schuyler’s Monster”
Reviewed by Elizabeth Roca
(Summer 2008)

Dallas Child, “Daddy Diaries: Robert Rummel-Hudson”
By Robert Rummel-Hudson
(June 2008)

New Haven Register, “A father's story about a child with a rare brain malformation”
By Jim Shelton, Register Staff
(March 20, 2008)

Dallas Morning News, “New book chronicles Plano girl's battle with disability that's left her unable to speak”
Annette Nevins reporting
(March 8, 2008)

People, “Finding Her Voice”
Review, 3.5 out of 4 stars
Reviewed by Vick Boughton
(March 3, 2008)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, “‘Schuyler’s Monster’ gives voice to family”
By Angie Summers
(March 2, 2008)

Wondertime, “To Have and to Hold”
By Robert Rummel-Hudson, adapted
(March 2008)

D Magazine“Thinking Out Loud” (short interview with Schuyler)
By Tim Rogers
(February 2008)

Good Housekeeping“Love Beyond Words”
By Robert Rummel-Hudson, adapted
(February 2008)

The Shorthorn (University of Texas at Arlington), “Breaking Her Silence”
By Courtney Sevener
(September 7, 2007)

Publishers Weekly,  “Deals: Blog to Book”
By Matthew Thornton
(September 11, 2006)


Family Confidential, “Advocating for your Special Needs Child - Guest: Robert Rummel-Hudson” - Podcast
Hosted by Annie Fox
(August 16, 2009)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, “The DaFoWo Show (9-11-08)”
Hosted by Kristin Campbell and John Metz
(September 11, 2008)

Psychjourney, “Schuyler’s Monster: A Father’s Journey with His Wordless Daughter”
Hosted by Deborah Harper, President of Psychjourney
(June 6, 2008)

Jumping Monkeys, “Episode 37: Schuyler’s Monster”
Hosted by Megan Morrone and Leo Laporte
(March 10, 2008)


Support for Special Needs, “Fathering a Daughter with a Hidden Voice”
By Julia Roberts
(June 17, 2010)

Thimblewicket, “Escape from Jimbobwe: Interview with Rob Rummel-Hudson”
By Cynthia Shearer
(August 11, 2009)

Thimblewicket, “Hipster, Interrupted”
By Cynthia Shearer
(August 10, 2009)

Inkygirl: Daily Diversions For Writers,
“Interview: Rob Rummel-Hudson and Schuyler’s Monster”
By Debbie Ridpath Ohi
(June 17, 2008)

Wondertime Staff Blog, “A Good Read”
By Naomi Shulman
(June 11, 2008)

Barnes & Noble, “Tagged! on May 12”
Hosted by Molly Pesce
(May 12, 2008)

Single Mom Seeking, “What’s a married dad doing on Single Mom Seeking? Welcome Robert Rummel-Hudson”
By Rachel Sarah
(May 2, 2008)

FrontBurner, “Schuyler’s Monster  Tops Local Best-Seller List”
By Tim Rogers
(March 24, 2008), “Friday Book Club” - Terri's Special Children Blog
From Terri Mauro
(includes Book Review, 4 out of 5 stars)
(March 10, 2008)

Prentke Romich Company, “Schuyler’s Monster” - Press release
(March 10, 2008)

Dallas Morning News, “Plano girl learns to live with disability”
Video/editing by Cheryl Diaz Meyer
(March 8, 2008)

Wondertime, Schuyler’s Monster: An Update” (Web exclusive)
(March 2008)

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By Robert Wilonsky
(February 27, 2008)

Pinwheels, “Conversation About Writing”
By Jennifer Graf Groneberg
(February 4, 2008)

Communication Without Limitations, “My Name is Schuyler”
(Prentke Romich Company Newsletter)
(February 2008)

Unfair Park (Dallas Observer Blog), “Words for His ‘Wordless’ Daughter”
By Robert Wilonsky
(December 4, 2007)

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